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What you should consider when aligning your Baseline camera

To ensure that everything is clearly visible on the videos of your Wingfield Court, you should take a few things into account when aligning your Baseline camera. πŸŽ₯

Once your Wingfield Court is powered up and connected to the Internet, you can use the Wingfield App to align your Baseline camera.

⚠️ Attention: To access the video it is irrelevant whether your Wingfield Court has been calibrated or not. Please note, however, that you should carry out the calibration before your first sessions with our team. Click here for the corresponding article.


Start a Freeplay session at the Wingfield Box and let it run for a few seconds. Quit it and check the camera image in the video player of the app. You can find the session under Development -> Activity.


What you should consider

Of course, the image section is significantly influenced by the camera's height. Higher positions provide a better overview of the entire court - but the players are much smaller. Lower positions give you a better perspective on the player close to the camera. However, the ball throw of the rear player when serving may not always be in the picture.

We generally recommend a camera height of 3-5m / 10-16,5 ft. Of course, you will have to check which mounting options your facility offers.


πŸ’‘ Tip: You should always do the fine adjustment of the camera with another person. While your partner starts the sessions and checks the video, you should directly make the corrections to the camera position.

Tip 1: Image detail above the rear player 

Make sure the ball throw of the rear player is well captured. Grab a ball and simulate the throw in your test.

Tip 2: Distance between base line and bottom edge of the picture

At the same time, make sure there is enough space behind the front baseline. Otherwise the shots of the closer player could take place outside the picture too often. If in doubt, find the best compromise between tip 1 and tip 2. 

Tip 3: Parallelism of base line and lower screen border

Ensures the baseline is parallel to the bottom of the video player or the navigation bar of the video player.



How to align the camera:

You can only adjust the direction of the camera if it is mounted on the wall. You can change the setting in the following directions:


Pan = turning the camera to the left or right

Tilt = turning the camera up or down

Rotate = rotating the lens around its own axis



  1. Turn the two dome cover fixing screws anti-clockwise using the supplied Allen spanner to remove the cover.
  2. First adjust the tilt angle so that your desired image section is taken into account.
  3. Adjust the horizontal angle to ensure that the image is not upside down.
  4. Then adjust the tilt angle so that your desired image section is covered.
  5. Put the dome cover back over the camera and tighten the two fixing screws.

⚠️ Attention: Never forcefully rotate the focus/zoom lens after disassembling the lens body. Doing so may result in incorrect image focus due to a motor error.