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Wingfield Dictionary

These are terms you should know if you are out and about in the Wingfield world. 💬

💦 Activity Scores: Activity scores: Over the course of an entire workout, we always track the three key figures: number of strokes, distance run and calories burned. They are recorded across all sessions within a unit.


🎾 1. Serve percentage: The rate of the first serves that landed in the field.


📲 Check In: Registration process at the Wingfield Box. By scanning your individual QR codes with the cameras of the Wingfield Box, you can log in on a Wingfield Court.


🕹 Control Panel: Control element of the Placement Map, which allows you to easily navigate between each tracked shot.


🎯 Drill: One of our three playing modes. Within standardized drills you can measure your shot scores for forehand, backhand and serve.


🔝 Height Map: Stroke analysis tool that provides you with information about the height distribution of the strokes in a session.


👤 Hitting Partner: Partners with whom you have already checked in together at a Wingfield Court. 


🎥 IP camera: The IP camera can be mounted anywhere on the court and provides the video material for each session. It is not involved in tracking.


🆓 Freeplay: One of our three playing modes that only provides you with the stroke analysis in addition to the video. Since only your strokes are tracked here, it is perfect for any training exercises.


🏆 Matches: One of our three playing modes that should always be used when points are played and provides you with match-specific statistics in addition to the stroke analysis.


📊 Match-Stats: Statistics that are only provided in match mode and relate exclusively to the match (e.g. service rates, aces, errors, winners).


🕸 Net points won: Points scored by a volley.


🔢 Pin Code: Another option to sign in at a Wingfield Court if your QR code cannot be read.


🗺 Placement Map: Shot analysis tool that provides you with information about the type, placement, speed and position of each shot in a session. 


⏭ Point-by-point navigation: Control element of the video player in match mode that allows you to automatically skip breaks between points.


↩️ Return rate: The rate of returns that you played into the field and were thus able to open the rally. 


🥊 Shot analysis: A fixed component of the session summary of all playing modes. It includes the analysis tools Placement Map, Height Map and Speed Graph and thus gives you precise insights into your stroke speed, accuracy and height.


#️⃣ Scoring: The scoring describes the automatic counting of the score by the Wingfield Box in order to later provide you with the match statistics that fit the result.


⏱ Session: A session describes a run of any playing mode. It is later used to compose a workout. 


📑 Session summary: The summary of a session provided in your account. The included tools and data differ depending on the playing mode.


💯 Shot Scores: Simple value that describes the quality of your shots (forehand, backhand, serve). It consists of an accuracy and a speed parameter and can be measured in drill mode. 


🐢 Slow motion wheel: Navigation element of the video player that allows you to play back the video at a slower speed.


🆔 Player-ID: Your personal QR code to log in at any Wingfield court. 


🎮 Playing mode: Game variant to be selected at the Wingfield Box. We distinguish between Freeplay, Match and Drill.


💨 Speed Graph: Stroke analysis tool that provides you with information about the speed curve, the top speed and the average speed of all strokes in a session.


🧰 Tools: Functions within the Wingfield app that help you analyse your data. Examples: Placement Map, Height Map, Speed Graph, Video Player.


👁‍🗨 Tracking: The measurement of all statistics and data related to your shots.


👥 Training groups: Can only be created by verified coaches. They allow a coach to access the match or training data of the associated players.


🎞 Video player: A fixed component of every session summary. Its tools vary depending on the game mode. 


🏃🏽‍♀️ Workout: Your training sessions are summarised in workouts. All sessions that you have played between login and logout are included here. You will find an overview of all your workouts in the activity tab. 


🔋 Wingfield Box: The heart of the Wingfield Court. You log in with your player profile and start your session. With its two high-speed cameras, the box tracks all activities on the court and makes them available to you in your user account.


🦹🏼 Wingman: Our digital hitting partner for solo sessions. Here you can find out how to activate him. 


💚 Wingfield Court: Connected tennis court equipped with a Wingfield Box. In addition to the Box, it includes the two other components IP camera and PoE switch.