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Briefing: Drill scores

Here we explain the session summary of your drills. Learn more about all features drills have to offer.


Compared to the Freeplay mode, the session summary in Drill mode is supplemented by the drill scores. They break down the quality of your played shots to a simple value and make objective statements about your shot quality possible for the first time. 

πŸ’‘ Tip: In the article about the Drill mode, we describe what you need to pay attention to in order to be able to measure your different shots. And in the article on Drill scores you will learn how they are calculated.

☝🏼 By the way: The scores are a perfect way to track your progress. Your high scores for your forehand, backhand and serves appear in your player profile (note: the scores for your groundstrokes only refer to scores from basket drills - read our article on Drill mode).

Preview your drill in the activity feed

As soon as you have played a workout with a drill, it is displayed in your activity feed. The preview gives you a rough overview of the drill:

  • Highlight video of the drill (basket drill: the six shots with the highest drill scores | partner drill: the three rallies with the highest total score (max. 20 shots).
  • Total score of the round (including accuracy and speed score).
  • Number of shots played.

In partner drills, all information for both players is available in this view. Click on the profile picture of your hitting partner to see the corresponding score. 

☝🏼 By the way: A workout summarises all sessions that were played between login and logout. You can switch between the individual sessions in the activity feed by swiping to the left.

Show a specific drill of a workout

You have played several drills within a workout and now you want to see the result of a certain run. In the example workout above, six drills have been played. You now have the following options:

  • Via the workout summary: Above the video preview, click on the symbol of the playing mode (here Match, Drill and Freeplay) to display the detailed workout summary. From here you can jump directly to the desired drill.
  • By swipe: Swipe the preview tiles of your workout to the left to navigate between the individual sessions of a workout.
  • Via the drill filter: Filter your activity feed by session type at the top to see only your drills. Select the appropriate drill from the list.

Click on the session preview to go to the detailed view.


Go into detail with the drill summary

In drill summaries, you always start the analysis with the score tab. As in the other session types, you also have access to the video player, the placement map, the height map and the speed graph


In partner drills, you can also display your partner's score in addition to your own. In the example below, we played a backhand drill with Maik as a partner exercise at DTV Hannover. In the upper field you can see your total score as an average value of all shots of the drill.

☝🏼 By the way: For Team-Drills, a joint team score is calculated in addition to the individual scores of both players. This score is used to rank you in the leaderboards for Team-Drills.
In your profile, on the other hand, you will see your individual high score that you achieved in a Team-Drill, not the team score.


Scroll down! In the bottom field you can see the rating of each individual shot. In the course, you can easily see whether you were able to achieve a constant quality level in your shots. The player in the example below obviously didn't... 😜 

The accuracy score

Swipe the top tile to the left to see a detailed analysis of your shot accuracy. Similar to the placement map, the exact placement of your shots around the target field is displayed here (the target field is marked by the red circle). This view provides you with the following information:

  • Your accuracy score (average of all accuracy scores of the drill).
  • The average distance of your shots to the target area (in metres).
  • Number of balls in and out of the field and balls in the net.

The speed score

Swipe the top tile to the left a second time to see a detailed analysis of your shot speed. This view provides you with the following information:

  • Your combined speed score (average of all scores of the drill).
  • The speed scores of each individual shot (including their progression).
  • The highest and lowest speed score of the round.

⚠️ Attention: In this overview, only the scores and not the speeds in miles/h are displayed. You can analyse the actual speeds via the Placement Map or the Speed Graph.

The video

As in every session summary, your video is also available in the drill. The slow motion tool is a great way to check your technique. Take a closer look at the shots whose quality differed significantly from the others and see what could have caused it.

⚠️ Attention: Basic members only have access to the entire video of the session until a new workout has been started on a new training day. With the Pro membership you have permanent access to all your videos and all the tools of the video player.

☝🏼 By the way: We save your data volume and always show the video in standard resolution in the default setting. Switch directly to HD in the video player settings. It's simply more fun! πŸ˜‰