Check-In with up to four players

You can check in with up to four players at the Wingfield box and then choose who should actively play in the setup of a session.

Check-In with more than two players

1-4 players can be checked in at the Wingfield Box. To do so, you simply have to scan your QR codes one by one (as usual) with the cameras of the Wingfield Box or enter your pin codes.

If there are more than two players, it doesn't matter whether they all check in on one side or on both sides. The sides will be selected in the setup of the respective playing mode later. Click Continue to start the workout.

☝🏼By the way: If one of your players does not have a Wingfield account, you can still use Wingfield. One person has to check in and can then add the Wingman to your workout by clicking Add Wingman. Please note: This option only applies to one additional player. 

Session selection

After you have selected a playing mode, you can determine who should actively play in the upcoming session.

⚠️ Attention: Only two players (one per side) can be tracked. Before starting a session, you just need to choose which players should be in the active role. 

In match and freeplay mode, two players must always be selected, in drill mode (depending on the type of drill) either one or two players.
  • Click on the respective avatar of the player(s) above to select them. The avatar immediately jumps into one of the free slots on the playing field.
  • Click on the red cross on the selected avatar to remove him/her again.
  • Click the change sides button in the middle of the playing field to switch sides (the small Wingfield Box on the court shows where you are). 

☝🏻 By the way: The session will only start once you have clicked on Start Match, Start Freeplay or Start Drill.


The drill mode has the particular feature that only one person can play in a serve or basket drill, but two players can play in a team drill. 

☝🏻 By the way: In drills, you have to select the target zone in addition to the active players and their side. In a team drill, there are two target zones.

  • Click on the avatars of the players who are about to play the drill. They will automatically jumps into one of the free slots on the playing field.
  • If necessary, click the change sides button to adjust the sides again (the small Wingfield Box on the court shows where you are).
  • Then select the target zones and click on Start Drill.

Example Serve Drill (one player):

Example Basket Drill (one player):

Example Team Drill (two players):