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Cleaning tips for your Wingfield Box

For any kind of soiling, we recommend our tested and proven cleaning kit. Here you can find instructions for camera lenses, touch screen, IT module, and net post module.


Scope of the cleaning kit:

  1. Display film incl. mounting kit: Protects the Wingfield Box display against scratches and dirt.
  2. Cleaning cloth: Use for calcified camera lenses (if you have no success with the sponge and cleaning agent).
  3. Sponges (3x): In various degrees of hardness for use on normal to stubborn dirt. ⚠️ Do not use for the touch screen!
  4. Cleaning agent (WS 3000): Can be used for the entire Wingfield Box (Body and Brain). Allow to react for one minute after application.



How to change the protective film of the Wingfield Box touch display

Step 1: Remove old protective film

Step 2: Clean the display

Use the wet pad from the mounting kit to remove grease stains, glue, and fingerprints from the Wingfield Box display. 

Step 3: Remove dust

The display must be free of dust so that the display film does not throw bubbles. You can use the dust remover and cleaning wipe from the mounting kit to remove the last lint and dust particles.

Step 4: Peel off the edges of the protective film

First, carefully pull off the edges of the counterpart of the display film. This makes it easier to remove the counterpart in the next step.

Step 5: Apply the screen cover

Pull off the counterpart on the upper part of the film.

Place the upper corners of the film on the display. 

Please go ahead and apply the display film step by step by carefully pulling down the film's counterpart. 

Step 6: Remove air bubbles

Use the smoothing card from the mounting kit to smooth the cover. Push air bubbles toward the edge of the film.

Bravo! The box is ready for the next season! πŸŽ‰