What can other users see from my profile?

Find out what your followers can see in your profile and your activities, and what your coach has access to.

What are followers & when is someone following me?

Followers are other players who have connected with you in the app. Players can only follow you if they have sent you a following request and you have confirmed it. In your profile, you can see who is already following you under Following.

☝🏼By the way: If a player follows you, it does not mean that you automatically follow that person too. You must also send a request to that player.

What are my followers able to see?

Players who do not follow you can only see the basic information at the top of your profile. Those who follow you can see your entire profile. This includes the all-time statistics of your activities and matches as well as your drill high scores.

Also, your followers can view your activity feed, as well as all session summaries. However, in the session details, your followers can only see the highlight video and not the entire video. 

☝🏻 By the way: You can access the activity feed of other users via the activities section in their profiles. Click here on view all activities.


What is my coach able to see?

As soon as you have accepted a coach request, your coach can see all your sessions including the session summary as well as all the videos.

⚠️ Attention: Your coach can only see your profile if he or she also follows you. 

Overview of what other users are able to see from me:

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Profile picture


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Amount of Workouts

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My Courts


Hitting Partners

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Entire Video

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