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Tips and solutions for your internet

Here you will find different ways to establish an Internet connection on your site. 🌐

We have put together information about the following solutions for you:

☑️ Part 1: How to get Internet to Wingfield Court

☑️ Part 2: Recommendations: How to get Internet to my facility


General Info

The first step is to check your current Internet contract. In most cases, they have been running for a very long time and a change to a new contract will most likely be worthwhile! If your connection is fast enough (upload speed according to contract at least 10 mbit/s) and you are satisfied with the services, you can continue right away.


If you need a new contract, we have put together some recommendations for you at the bottom of the page.

💡Hint: You can check the Internet speed with a speed test, for example. For accurate results, it is best to connect directly to your router.



Part 1: Internet to Wingfield Court

The PoE switch is, in a sense, the Wingfield Court's distribution box and interface to your network.

Requirements for the connection


Unlike the connections to the Wingfield Box and our Baseline Camera (Wingfield Court connections), there are no special cabling requirements for the connection to the Internet. You just have to make sure that your full internet speed arrives or at least 10 mbit/s in upload.


A standard network cable is required for the connection to the switch (see package contents). However, this does not mean that you have to bridge the entire distance from your router to the court with cables! Depending on the size of your facility and how much you have already invested in the infrastructure, there are many ways to connect the court to your network.


Cabling 🔌

Good for: Indoor, short distances, existing cable runs

The most uncomplicated (but not always most efficient) option is the direct cable connection. It is particularly recommended if network cables have already been laid (e.g. for lighting or access control in the indoor facility) or if further construction measures are still planned (e.g. new pipes for irrigation systems for outdoor courts).


Here you will find tips for laying cables on the tennis court:

➡️ Verkabelung Indoor

➡️ Cabling Outdoor (article in progress)



Good for: Indoor, existing WIFI on court

Your facility is already well equipped and you just want to connect the Wingfield Court? Then simply expand your existing network with a repeater with LAN output (for example: this one). They are easy to set up and can connect to almost any network.

💡 Hint:  It is best to first check which manufacturer your other WIFI devices are from. Most of the time, they offer their own solutions for expanding the network, which even works without additional setup!


WIFI-Mesh-System 📡

Good for: Outdoor, new networks, complex cable installation

A bit more complicated, but connected without digging trenches or breaking through walls, is a so-called "mesh system". The idea behind this is similar to a WIFI repeater, but the wireless connection is much faster and more stable. More devices can be connected "one after the other" and thus a greater distance can be covered. Big advantage: When setting it up, you automatically ensure a good WIFI coverage throughout your entire facility. Clear added value!

➡️  Alternative to cable: WIFI mesh (article in progress - but we are happy to help you directly 📞)


PowerLan (partially recommended)

Good for: Indoor, short distances with existing power connection

In the normal household, "Internet from the outlet" is often resorted to in order to expand the network. This can work well in some cases and save work, but often causes a lot of trouble.


Since very large electrical loads - such as lighting - are connected to the circuits in indoor facilities, the basic technology of PowerLan can be impaired. If you still want to test such a solution, we recommend that you buy high-quality devices (e.g. from TP-Link) and test the connection beforehand with the lights completely switched on.


Part 2: Internet on my facility 

Recommendations Internet contract 

⚠️ Attention: We do not receive any commission and only want to help you find the best rate. 

Cable // DSL:

Comparison portals such as Check24, Verivox or DSL.de allow you to compare rates for several providers at a glance and sign your contract directly.

Pay attention to the following criteria when comparing:

1.  No speed restriction
2. Upload-Speed ≧ 10Mbit/s

For such a contract you have to calculate about 20€ - 40€ per month and don't have to worry about data volume or the anything like that. In most cases, you can also purchase a telephone connection or television for your facility at no extra charge.

You can check the availability for your address either on a comparison portal (see above) or directly with the provider:

➡️ Telekom

➡️ Vodafone

➡️ O2

➡️ 1&1

For the big 4 providers in Germany, for example, these would be the following contracts (as of 10.03.2021):

💡Hint: Most providers have an offer for customers with an existing contract where you can switch up to six months before the old contract expires without any extra costs!

➡️ Magenta home M

💡 Hint: Here you can also book "Hybrid LTE". This promises not only reliability, but also an increased range of up to 50Mbit/s, if your connection should be very busy.


➡️ Red Internet & Phone Cable 100

➡️ Red Internet 100 DSL

💡 Hint: Vodafone offers Internet via DSL lines as well as your cable connection. If there is no LTE in your facility, you can still get a fast line with a cable contract.

➡️ O2 my home M 

➡️ O2 my home M LTE

💡 Hint: O2 is the first German provider to offer unlimited Internet access via LTE. The ideal solution if neither DSL nor cable is available at your facility. You can find more rates with LTE under mobile data.


➡️ DSL 50


⚠️ Attention: The recommended upload speed of 10 mbit/s ensures that the videos are quickly available after finishing a session. However, the court also works with slower internet.

If you don't have the possibility to bring this speed to the court, it's best to talk to our service. We will then determine whether your goals can be achieved with the Wingfield Court even with slow Internet.


Mobile data:

Meanwhile, many providers (similar to O2) also offer LTE-only contracts. These are a good solution if, for example, no DSL solution can be implemented or you have to bridge the waiting time until the installation. In addition, you can place the router directly next to the court!

⚠️ Attention: Be sure to check the reception at your location before finalising!

O2 Homespot

As already mentioned in the section Cable // DSL, O2 is the only company to offer an unlimited LTE contract. You can do an availability check here.


Congstar Homespot
You'll find the most casual contract at Congstar. Here, you have the option to add and subtract from the contract on a monthly basis. So it is well suited for seasonal users who are only looking for an Internet solution for outdoor courts. However, at €45 per 200GB, it is only worthwhile compared to other contracts if you really need to take a break or if no other network is available.


Vodafone Gigacube
Also at around 45€ per 200GB, but with a fixed contract period, the Gigacube offers greater flexibility. The Gigacube can be used everywhere in Germany and would therefore be an alternative if the location is changed several times a year.


Internet from space?! 🛰

Elon Musk's company has announced that it will offer the product to the first users in Germany this year. However, with a one-time purchase price of €499 and monthly costs of €99, it is only an alternative if all of the above options are unsuccessful...or if you absolutely want Internet from space. 😉


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