Are all app functions also available for doubles?

The Wingfield Court tracking system is only designed for singles matches - only the statistics of one player are measured per side. Here you can find out when and how you can still use the court for doubles.

Even if match or practice statistics are not tracked in doubles, you can always access the video. So you can be sure that outstanding rallies will always be recorded.


If you only want to use the video, we recommend that you play your sessions in either match or freeplay mode. The special feature of the drill mode - the drill scores - only apply to one player per side. All the other features are otherwise no different from Freeplay, so Drills can be ignored here. Use these game modes for the respective applications....

  • Freeplay: Analyze technique and movements
  • Match: Analyze matches or test formations and combinations

☝🏼 By the way: We are constantly improving Wingfield. It is possible that you will soon be able to access a multiplayer function and track doubles matches.. πŸ˜‰

What happens to the tracking when two players per side play?

The system always tries to relate the tracked data to one player. If more than one person per side is detected by the system, it is possible that activities of the second player are transferred to the first player. The statistics are therefore usually not representative.  

⚠️ Attention: This logic applies to all app functions without exception. So don't be surprised if, for example, the filters in the video player don't perform perfectly.