Match mode: Statistics like the pros

You played bad again and you can't figure out what the reason could have been? Our match summary provides you with the answer πŸ˜‰


Whether in your match statistics, your shot placement or your speed data - there is more information in your data than you might expect. Do you prefer the longer or shorter rallies? How successful are your journeys to the net? The success rates of your shots say a lot about you and your game.

This information is especially valuable when it reveals clear winning and losing patterns that can influence future training content as well as your personal goals.


quote_mkgβ€žWe often use Wingfield in match practice. The players automatically invest a few percent more when they know the record is on."

-Marc-Kevin Goellner







Your Match Summary at a glance...🎞


Match stats

The stats give you a good summary of your match. Wingfield not only counts the score, but also provides you with a variety of exciting facts.

You can often find reasons for wins or losses in your serve and return rates as well as the service and return points won. The number of winners and (double) faults can also be decisive for an initial classification. For deeper analyses, take a look at the success rates of your net attacks and the points won by rally length.

match-statsShot placement

Review the placement of every single shot in the game. Filter by stroke type, for example, to analyse only the impact points of your returns. With one click, you get the corresponding video sequence for each shot.

The heat map also tells you whether your game was more defensive or offensive. Display your shot positions in the field and check your average distance to the baseline.


Net clearance

Your tendency to make mistakes in the match can be the result of too little height of your strokes. You can easily check the height distribution in the height map.


There are many exciting facts in the speed data of your match: How big is the average difference between your first and second serve? How does the speed of your groundstrokes change within the match? Does your speed decrease or do you still put a lot of power into your strokes in the third set? Use this information to redefine training content if necessary and to work on your speed even more focused.


Technique & tactics

Analyse your game in the video. In matches, in contrast to the other playing modes, you have the option to automatically skip pauses between points. Directly navigate to critical phases in the match and see how you behaved tactically.

But that's not all! Your best rallies are automatically edited into a short highlight clip. Share it with your friends! After all, everybody should see this unbelievable forehand winner!


⚠️ Attention: If you cannot access the match statistics and your highlight video after the match, the Wingfield Box could not reconstruct the result. In this case, you will still be provided with the shot analysis, which you already know from the Freeplay. Unfortunately, you will not be able to access the match-specific functions of the video player here. πŸ˜•

This can all have different reasons - from bad lighting conditions to incorrect player behaviour. To make sure that the scoring runs optimally next time, take another look at the general rules of conduct as well as the match-related rules.

πŸ’‘Tip: Here you can learn more about how our scoring works. This will help you to better understand how the Wingfield Box tracks and what you should pay attention to on the court.