Match mode: Statistics like the pros

In match mode, the Wingfield Box automatically counts your score and provides you with match-specific statistics in addition to general shot analyses.

Our match analysis gives you a quick overview of what went well and what you should pay more attention to next time. You can often deduce the reasons for winning or losing directly from your serve and return rates and the serve and return points won. The number of winners and (double) faults is also crucial for an initial evaluation.

Auto scoring provides you with match-specific statistics

The Wingfield Box can track the course of the match based on certain events and thus reconstruct the result and corresponding match statistics. Pay attention to the following things in match mode so that the system can provide you with accurate analyses:

  • Warm up BEFORE starting the match mode: Otherwise, shots could already be counted as part of the match. 
  • Follow the tennis rules: Only change sides when the score is odd, don't take balls that would clearly go out and stick to the correct order when serving. 
  • Click the button on the Wingfield Box when changing sides: To ensure that you don't forget it, appoint one of you to be responsible for the side change.
  • Don't continue playing after winning a point: End a rally as quickly as possible after you have given a ball "out" so that the Box doesn't assume that you have ignored the error.
  • Don't return balls over your head between points: Otherwise the return could be recognised as a serve and counted as a new point.
  • Finish the service game: And don't end the match in the middle of the game (e.g. at 30:30).

⚠️ Attention: If you are unable to access the match statistics and your highlight video after the match, the Wingfield Box was unable to fully reconstruct the result. In this case, you will still be provided with the reduced analysis from the freeplay. 

In addition to the points mentioned, the general factors for good tracking results could also have an influence on that. 

Analyse error susceptibility with in-depth shot stats

You will find Head-2-Head statistics for the different strokes in the Serves, Returns, Groundstrokes and Volleys tabs. To help you find your way around quickly, the structure of the respective shot analyses always follows the known pattern:

  • General analysis: How many points / errors did I make with each shot?
  • Placement: Did I have a good length in my shots? Where did I make the most mistakes?
  • Speed: How hard were my strokes (maximum and average)?
  • Height: Did I have good height in my shots (green zone)? How risky did I play (red zone)?

Analyse technique and tactics in the video

Additional analysis tools are available in the video player for matches. Automatically skip breaks between points and avoid annoying scrolling. Instead, navigate point by point to the critical phases in the match and see how you behaved tactically. 

☝🏼By the way: Your favorite rallies will be cut down into a short highlight clip. Share it with your friends! After all, nobody should miss out on this incredible forehand winner! πŸ˜‰