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How match validation in the competition mode works

Here you can find out how Wingfield checks your official matches in competition mode.

In the competition mode, your match will be checked by Wingfield and thus evaluated for your national rating. Through our checking process, we ensure that matches have actually taken place and that they have been played according to the applicable rules. Results are automatically forwarded to your federation.

⚠️ Attention: The competition mode is only available to players from our partner associations. Check in the competition section of the app whether your federation already offers our match validation service. You can get there via your player profile and the menu. 

How does the validation work?

The review process is based on a two-factor validation: During the match, various parameters such as individual player behaviour or possible rule violations are analysed by our artificial intelligence. If any conspicuous situations occur during the course of the match, these parts of the match are automatically marked in the data set.


As soon as questionable situations have been identified in a match, this match must be reviewed by trained personnel. In these cases, scenes of play are checked by means of video evidence and only approved when all doubts have been cleared. 


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