General rules: How you ensure a perfect tracking result

To ensure the most accurate tracking results possible, there are certain things you should consider in every session on a Wingfield Court. πŸ“–

#1 Choose sides correctly

Make sure that you always play on the side you are checked in at. You can make changes on the touch screen of the Wingfield Box.

Rule #1

#2 Do not play in the dark

The cameras of the Wingfield Box are comparable to the human eye. Keep in mind that a dark environment can lead to inaccurate results. After all in darkness we players also cannot see everything anymoreβ€¦πŸ˜‰

Rule #2

#3 Do not block the view

The Wingfield Box can do many things - but it cannot β€žseeβ€œ through objects or people! So make sure that nothing blocks its view on the court.
Rule #4

#4 Do not stand behind a player

Avoid standing directly behind a player. The Wingfield Box detects and tracks the people on the court and could – in the worst case – associate your movements with the player.
Rule #3

#5 Only one player per side

The Wingfield Box tracks only one player per side. Make sure there is only one person on each side, when you do exercises with your players.Rule #5