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Mounting the Baseline Camera (4/4)

Let's finish the installation of your Baseline Camera. Here you will find an overview of your installation options. πŸŽ₯

πŸ“Here you are in the installation process of the Baseline Camera.


What you should consider before mounting your Baseline Camera.

Of course, the height of the baseline camera has a significant influence on the field of view. Higher positions provide a better overview of the entire court - but the players are much smaller. Lower positions give you a better perspective of the player close to the camera. 

πŸ’‘Tip: Basically, we recommend that you mount the camera as centrally as possible at a height of 3-5m. Of course, you have to check which options you have at all. If necessary, the camera can still be aligned in the housing after mounting (vertical and horizontal panning). 


1) Space above the player far from the camera

Ensure that the player's ball toss far from the camera is well captured. Grab a ball and simulate the toss in your test shot.

2) Distance between baseline and bottom edge of the image

At the same time, make sure that there is enough space behind the front baseline. Otherwise, the shots of the players close to the camera could be out of the picture too often. In case of doubt, find the optimal compromise between tip 1 and tip 2. 

3) Baseline and bottom of screen parallel?

Ensure that the baseline is parallel to the bottom of the image.



πŸ’‘Tip: The fine tuning of the camera should always be done by two people. While one person checks the live image of the Baseline Camera in the configuration mode of the Wingfield Box, the other person should directly make the corrections to the camera position.


Mounting the Baseline Camera

Baseline Camera transparent-1Baseline Camera Mounting Kit transparent

For our Baseline Camera, we have therefore designed a special mounting plate that allows you to react to the most diverse conditions.


⚠️ Attention: When mounting the camera, make sure that you hang it the right way up. You can either orientate yourself by the Wingfield logo or the position of the microphone (bottom left). Otherwise the camera image will be upside down. 

How do you want to mount your camera?



Mounting on a solid wall πŸ”©

☝🏼 By the way: We show you the exemplary mounting on a solid wall (e.g. stone or concrete). If you mount the camera on a wooden wall or beam, you do not need to pre-drill holes or use dowels.

1) Mark and drill holes

Use the mounting plate as a template to mark the drill holes. Getting help to position the camera as centrally as possible behind the baseline is recommended.

Step 1

2) Dowels and screws

Always use the screws and dowels supplied. If you use your own screws, ensure their heads fit through the mounting plate. Let the screws protrude 2cm - 3cm from the wall so that there is enough space to hang them.

Step 2

3) Hang up the mounting plate

Hang up the mounting plate. Be careful not to pinch the network cable anywhere.

Step 3

4) Tighten screws

Tighten the screws until the camera is securely attached to the wall.

Step 4



Mounting on (fence) post

Use our Pole Mounts to attach the Baseline Camera to poles. The scope of delivery includes different sizes for different circumferences. 


1) Attach Pole Mount to the pole 

Using a crosshead screwdriver, remove one of the two elements of the pipe loop, place it around the pole and retighten the screws.

2) Attach the camera to the Pole Mount.

Remove the two front screws of the pole mount with the Allen key provided. Insert both screws through the middle holes in the baseline camera and tighten them again.


Mounting on a banner / fence

1) Attach the snap hook

Attach the snap hooks to your fence or banner at the desired height.

2) Attach the camera to the hooks

Use the cable ties to attach the camera to the hooks. Clip off the protruding parts of the cable with a pair of pliers.



How to align the camera:

You can only adjust the direction of the camera if it is mounted on the wall. You can change the setting in the following directions:


Pan = turning the camera to the left or right

Tilt = turning the camera up or down

Rotate = rotating the lens around its own axis



  1. Turn the two dome cover fixing screws anti-clockwise using the supplied Allen spanner to remove the cover.
  2. First adjust the tilt angle so that your desired image section is taken into account.
  3. Adjust the horizontal angle to ensure that the image is not upside down.
  4. Then adjust the tilt angle so that your desired image section is covered.
  5. Put the dome cover back over the camera and tighten the two fixing screws.

⚠️ Attention: Never forcefully rotate the focus/zoom lens after disassembling the lens body. Doing so may result in incorrect image focus due to a motor error.


Waterproof connector πŸ’¦

We recommend using our waterproof connector for the LAN connection to the camera for outdoor installations.


Bravo, you did it! πŸŽ‰ Have fun with your fully equipped Wingfield Court!

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