Wingfield App Update 1.9.0

From now on you can navigate through your sessions even easier with new filters.

New Session Filters

With those filters you can search your workout list more easily and find specific sessions quicker.

Just navigate to your Activity Feed or as a Coach to your Coach Feed. There you have the choice to filter between the different playing modes - Matches, Freeplays, Drills - and/or to search for played sessions with specific playing partners via the search bar. 

Within a selected playing mode you also have the possibility to apply sub-filters. Those will appear as soon as you have selected a primary filter.

Sub-filter matches

  • Matches won
  • Matches lost
  • Official LK Matches

Sub-filter drills

  • Serve Drill
  • Forehand Drill
  • Backhand Drill

☝🏼 By the way: You can read more about filters in the article about Filter.