Coach accounts: manage your players

Coaches take on a special role in the Wingfield world. This is also reflected in the functions of the coach accounts.

A crucial element at Wingfield is the coach-player relationship. As on the court, both actors take on different roles here as well. This finds expression in their available functions in the app.


A coach access differs from a normal player access by the so-called Coach Corner. In this area of the app, a coach has the possibility to access the training data and videos of all his/her players.


☝🏼 By the way: Every user starts as a player at Wingfield. If you want to use Wingfield as a coach, you can upgrade your account by participating in one of our coaches' seminars. You can find more information in our article on verified Wingfield coaches.  

Coaches can add players to their Coach Corner by sending them a coach request. By accepting this request, the player confirms his/her agreement that training data and video will also be shown to the coach. Coaches will then appear as coaches in the player's profile.


To make the work with small groups more convenient, coaches can check in players via group login on the Wingfield Court. This way, only the coach has to have his smartphone ready and can quickly switch between individual groups.