Pro Accounts: The unlimited video experience

With the Wingfield Pro access, you can unlock all current and future video tools and benefit from many other advantages. Find out everything about Pro here.

Pro users enjoy the full video experience with Wingfield: get unlimited access to all videos from previous sessions and all video player features. In addition, Pro users benefit from a reduced fee for each LK match (affects only German players).

Your benefits at a glance:


  • Full access to your previous session videos
  • Full HD video download
  • Statistic file download
  • Access to all smart video filters (e.g. network attacks, serves, forehands etc.)
  • Full court placement map with exact impacts of your shots
  • Linking of placement map and video player

LK Matches (For German players only)

  • Discount on LK Matches - only 9,99 EUR instead of 


Full video access to past sessions

With a Wingfield Basic account (the free app access) you only have access to the entire videos of your last active training day. As soon as you play another session on a new day, only the short highlight clip will be available. As a Wingfield Pro user, you do not have this restriction and can therefore watch the full video of all previous sessions at any time.

☝🏼 By the way: The last active training day can also refer to several sessions. For example, if you log in and out of the Wingfield Box more than once in a day, you will have full video access to all these sessions.


What functions can you use with Pro?

Being a Pro also comes along with unlimited access to all the functions of the video player. For example, automatically skip the breaks between a rally or individual points in a match. Download your video in full HD. Or use the smart video filters to display only certain shots of a session one after the other. Find out everything about the individual functions in our article on the video player.


Shot placement map

With a Pro subscription, you can not only see the percentage distribution of your shots on the court, but you can view the exact impact of each shot on the entire court together with the player position.

The link between the video player and your stroke placement also goes hand in hand with your pro subscription. If you only want to view your return errors in your match analysis, for example, you can also use the placement map as a Pro user. Scroll to a specific shot and jump from there directly into the video!



Permanent discount on LK matches

As a Wingfield Pro user, you will now also profit from every LK match with Wingfield. Currently this only affects German players. Wingfield Pro users permanently pay a discounted fee of 9.99 EUR per LK match instead of 12.99 EUR that applies to Wingfield Basic accounts. Your membership status is automatically taken into account when billing your LK matches.

How to become a Wingfield Pro

You can upgrade your account to Pro status at any time via the app menu. In this area you can also edit your membership later.

We currently offer Wingfield Pro in 1-month and 12-month subscriptions. Depending on the subscription option you have chosen, you can get your Pro access for as little as EUR 7.49 per month.

⚠️ Info: The amount is always debited at the beginning of the respective term. For option 1 always monthly, for option 2 every 12 months.


In the case of in-app purchases, the payment method you have entered in the App Store or Google Play Store will be charged. You can manage your Wingfield Pro subscription, as well as your other subscriptions, in the subscription settings of your Apple or Google account. Here you can cancel your subscription or change to another subscription option.

πŸ’‘Tip: This is how you get to your subscriptions:

Apple: Settings ➑️ Apple-ID ➑️ Subscriptions

Google: Play Store ➑️ Menü ➑️ Abos