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Reasons for visual restrictions of the tracking cameras

Find out here what can cause incorrect tracking and how it can be prevented.

Are you wondering why statistics are not tracked properly or don't even show up in your session summary? There are several reasons for this, which we already discussed in detail in this article.


If you can rule out human error (according to the article linked above), the tracking cameras' visibility of the court was probably restricted. At times, the system will not be able to extract any information from the footage, which is why entire rallies may not be detected. 

☝🏼By the way: Our algorithms contain various interception mechanisms that prevent this from happening. However, if the proportion of "unusable" video sequences is too high, the system will no longer be able to counteract this.


What can cause restricted visibility from the box's tracking cameras?

Our goal should be to control the external influences on poor visibility as much as possible. Before starting a session, make sure that none of the following reasons for potential poor visibility apply.


1. Lime/Dirt on the glass of the tracking cameras

In regions with very calcareous water, an unfavorable positioning of the sprinkler system can lead to increased lime deposits on the glass panes of the tracking cameras. In this case, you should clean them regularly.

πŸ’‘Hint: Cleaning with a little citric acid can help to remove the dirt more easily. In order not to damage the Wingfield Box after treatment with cleaning products, be sure to wipe it with a damp towel or tissue afterwards!

2. Water on the glass of the tracking cameras

Water drops on the glass, for example after rain or the use of a sprinkler system, can also directly restrict the visibility of the Wingfield Box. Before you start, check whether this is the case and, if necessary, wipe the lenses of the tracking cameras dry.

3. Unfavorable sunlight - e.g. low evening sun

If the sun shines directly into the tracking cameras, for example during a low evening sun, rare situations can result in severe overexposure or reflections of the light falling on the lens (lens flare). "Objects" such as players or balls are now more difficult to capture.

πŸ’‘Hint: Ideally, the Wingfield Box should be positioned so that the cameras are not directly facing the low evening sun during dusk. Since the usage of the Box in the early morning hours is usually rather low compared to the afternoon and evening, an alignment towards the east would be a good compromise.