Wingfield App Update 1.5.0

With the new update comes new video filters. Find out here what else is new.

Video Filter: Offensive and Defensive Plays

You now have the option to filter your video according to offensive or defensive rallies. Our A.I. selects game sequences in which you played more aggressively or defensively. 


⚠️ Attention: These filters are in a testing phase and are therefore beta-tagged. So bear with us if the sequences are not always accurately selected yet. The system is constantly improving πŸ˜‰ .


Beta-Tag: Feedback welcome!

If filters marked with such a tag don't deliver what you expect, you can help us improve them by giving us your feedback. Just contact us via email at Both general feedback and detailed feedback (ideally including the session ID) are always welcome.


Highlight-Video download

In addition to downloading the entire video of a match, freeplay or drill session, you can now also download your respective highlight video. Just go to the menu of the video player. 



☝🏼 By the way: All new features of the last update (like our drill rankings) can be found in the article about the app update 1.4.0.