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Account activation for LK matches

In order to access the LK mode at the Wingfield box and play LK matches with Wingfield, you have to unlock your Wingfield account first.

All matters concerning official matches with Wingfield are handled in your competition profile. You can access this area in the app menu to activate your Wingfield account for LK matches in two steps.



Step 1) Connect to the DTB 

When connecting to the DTB you will be asked for your DTB player ID. Usually you will get this ID from the DTB if you play official matches for your club.


Where do I find my DTB-ID?

  • In your MyBigPoint profile or, depending on the states association, in your NU account: If you do not have an account at NU, you can also call up the LK overview of your club via the club search on the NU website.
  • In the registration form for the official match operation of your club: In case of doubt, reach out to the responsible contact person of your club (in the following referred to as club administrator).


πŸ€” Who is my club administrator?

Your club admin is the person in your club who registers the teams and players for the official competition. Often it is the sports administrator. 

☝🏼By the way: Every player who is a member of a club can get a DTB player ID. The application runs through your club admin.

Activating the connection to the DTB

If your data could be successfully matched with an existing DTB profile, the next step is to check whether your email address is stored at the DTB. Here you can continue in different ways:

➑️The email address you provided to DTB is the same address you used to register with Wingfield.

The DTB is automatically and directly connected to your Wingfield account. No further steps are necessary.

➑️The DTB has an email address on file that is not your Wingfield email address.

The DTB will send you an activation link to the e-mail address (!) you have registered with them. Please click on the link to finally confirm the connection.

➑️The DTB does not have your e-mail address on file.

In that case, your clubs contact person (club admin) for registration purposes must enter your e-mail in the NU system. Contact this person so that your account can be activated as soon as possible. Restart the connection process as soon as your address has been entered.


πŸ€”I have not received an email or I no longer have access to this email address. What can I do?

In two scenarios, your club admin will need to help you activate your account. It is best to contact him/her directly.

  • Option 1: You have requested the activation link, but no e-mail has arrived in any of your mailboxes? Then the DTB probably has your club admin's e-mail address on file for you instead of your own. He/she has received the activation link and could confirm it directly. Please contact him/her.

πŸ’‘ Hint: In this case, please take the opportunity to directly update your email address in the NU system.

  • Option 2: You don't have access to your mailbox anymore? Ask your club admin to update your email address in the NU system. Once this is done, you can simply restart the activation process.


Step 2) Add Payment Method 

To finally unlock your account for LK matches and access the LK mode at the Wingfield Box, please add your preferred payment method in your competition profile.

For the processing of your LK matches, a fee of 12,99 EUR per player will be charged after the validation. As a Wingfield Pro member you benefit from a permanent discount for LK matches. The fee is only 9,99 EUR as Pro.

☝🏼Info: Your payment method will only be charged after a match and validation. The result of the validation is irrelevant.


The following payment methods are currently available:

mastercard (2)     visa (1)      sepa


Once you are connected to the DTB and have added a payment method, your account is unlocked for LK matches. You can now access the LK mode at the Wingfield Box.