Drill mode: Proof your skills

Measure your Drill Scores with the Drill Mode. They not only evaluate the quality of your shots, but also make your development measurable over time. πŸ’―

The drill mode allows you to test your shots in defined practice scenarios. Your forehands, backhands or serves can be evaluated with our Drill Scores. They break down your hitting skills to a simple number and bring a bit more objectivity into your training. In this article you will learn how the drill mode works.


Everything you need to know about drills in fast forward...🎞

Step 1: Choose the shot type

You have already checked in at the Wingfield Court and selected your sides. After you have started the drill mode, you will first be asked which shot you would like to test. You can choose between groundstrokes and serves.

πŸ‘‹πŸΌNote: In the action field "Basic Strokes", the Wingfield Box automatically recognises whether you have played your drill as a forehand or backhand drill. Depending on the stroke you played more balls with, your drill is tagged as a forehand or backhand drill and the corresponding score is calculated.



Step 2: Choose your target

Afterwards, you choose your target field. These are marked by the ball symbol for groundstrokes (see graphic). The yellow colour marks the activated target. If both you and your partner want your shots to be measured, select the "Partner" mode at the top of the screen. Each player must now activate the corresponding target field. If you want to play from the basket, select the "Basket" mode. If you now activate your target field, the basket will automatically be assigned to your teammate.


For the Serves, the target field is marked by the grey areas along the T-line. Since only one player can play the serve drill per round, the corresponding player is deactivated as soon as a target field is selected.

πŸ‘‹πŸΌNote: You get two different serve scores - one for the deuce side and one for the ad side. However, within a drill you can only serve from one of the two sides.



Step 3: Ready? Play!

You're ready to go. Give everything for the high score! Make sure that you play at least 10 balls in both the groundstrokes and the serve drills. Balls that hit the net are always scored with 0 points. Find out more about Drill Scores and how they are measured here.

Step 4: The Scores

Bravo, you gave everything! You can now see your scores on the screen of the Wingfield Box. The Drill Score is made up of an accuracy and a speed value. If you have performed a drill as a partner exercise, you can switch between your score and the one of your partner by clicking on your faces.


πŸ‘‹πŸΌNote: Your scores are uploaded to your user account immediately after the exercise. Until you check out at the Wingfield Court, all played sessions up to that point are combined into one workout. You can find your workouts in your "Activity" tab. Your high scores are displayed under "Development".



Integration into your training:

Use the scores from day 1 of working with a player. As part of a data-based status quo analysis, they provide you with an objective basis to assess playing strength and reveal possible weaknesses.

In order to be able to draw meaningful conclusions from the scores, we also recommend regularly integrating our drills into your training schedule. On the one hand, you will always be aware of how your training content is working. On the other hand, it is the easiest way to show your players the success of your training. But again, the data will especially be valuable for you and your players if you collect and analyze it over a longer period of time.