Regulations for LK matches with Wingfield

Against who can I play LK matches with Wingfield? Here you can find out everything you need to know before your match.

Before every match, the Wingfield Box checks whether the registered match pairing is eligible to play a LK match. To avoid that you only find out on the court that your match is not (anymore) possible according to the regulations, please consider the following things before you make an appointment.


Requirements for Wingfield Matches

As you probably know, you can only access the LK mode on the Wingfield box with an activated Wingfield account. To activate your account you have to...

  • ...have a valid DTB Player ID 
  • ...have reached the age of 13 or will reach it this year

☝🏼By the way: In the article about activating the Wingfield account for LK matches you will learn everything about your registration, your DTB-ID and the available payment methods.


Regulations and limitations for Wingfield Matches

For LK matches with Wingfield, the general tennis rules of the DTB apply. As of now, the new offer only includes singles matches. Furthermore the following things have to be considered:

  • Only matches against opponents of the same gender are possible.
  • A maximum of fifteen LK matches may be played with Wingfield within a twelve month period.
  • You are only allowed to play 3x against the same person within a twelve month period.
  • You are only allowed to play max 2 matches per day.

  • You can only play one time per day against the same opponent.

  • The maximum age difference between two players is 20 years.

  • The official ball depends on the regulations of the state association. Abroad the official ball of the DTB is used

☝🏼By the way: After a LK match, you enter your result at the Wingfield Box. If the result can be reconstructed directly by the system, you can access the detailed match summary (with statistics such as serve rates, aces and unforced errors) in the app.

To increase the probability that the result is identified properly, be sure to follow our Wingfield rules during the match.


Scoring regulations of LK Matches

The calculation of LK points you get for a Wingfield LK match corresponds to the official scoring calculations of the DTB. Wingfield only judges the validity of the match.

πŸ’‘Hint: You can use the LK calculator in mybigpoint to see how LK Matches affect your performance class.