Match-related rules: How to ensure a perfect scoring

Wingfield automatically counts the score in matches to provide you with the appropriate match statistics. Besides our general rules, you should consider a few more things here.πŸ’‘

The rules of a tennis match can sometimes be a bit confusing. To make sure that besides tracking the shot statistics (speed, placement, height) also the scoring (score and matching match statistics) can be analyzed correctly, you should consider the following...

#1 Finish warm up before you start a match

Warm up before your match and start the match session at the Wingfield Box afterwards. Otherwise your warm-up could already be counted as a match. 

πŸ’‘Tip: Use the freeplay mode during warm up if you want to analyze the data afterwards.

#2 Play according to the tennis rules

Always play according to the general tennis rules. Only change sides on odd scores, don't take balls that would clearly fly out and stick to the correct serving order. 

#3 Press side change

The Wingfield Box uses certain events in the match to count the score - changing sides is one of them. Remember that every time you change sides, you have to press the button on the Wingfield Box.

πŸ’‘Tip:To ensure you don't forget to click and to avoid misunderstandings, on of you guys should be responsible for changing sides.

#4 Stop playing after a rally

Finish a rally as soon as possible after you have called a ball "out" and do not play the ball back and forth for long afterwards. Otherwise, the system will assume that you have ignored the error, which can lead to inaccuracies in the analysis.

#5 Try to avoid serving in between points

Avoid playing the balls over your head to your opponent between the points. Otherwise, the handover could be recognized as a serve and be counted as a new point.

#6 Finish the games

Sounds obvious, but finish your service games till the end and do not stop in between (e.g. at 40:15).