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Installation on your outdoor facility

Summer is coming! Time to get the outdoor courts ready again. When preparing the court, you can directly consider one or the other topic to save yourself unnecessary extra work during the Wingfield installation.

Here we have summarized for you a small step-by-step guide, with the most important tips for preparing and moving your Wingfield box to the outdoor courts.

  1. Get an overview of the Facility
  2. Choose an adequate Court 
  3. Prepare the Court

For the easiest and quickest transition between summer and winter seasons, we recommend leaving the cabling in their respective places and moving only the three components Wingfield Box, Baseline Camera and PoE Switch.


1) Get an overview of the Facility

Not all facilities are lucky to have a site or technical manager or who knows all the connections on the site. We therefore recommend creating a small sketch with the most important infrastructure as a first step - future managers and project partners will love you for it!


If you have a Google account, Google MyMaps is the best choice. There you can search directly for your facility and mark everything online. Alternatively, you can also take a screenshot of the Google Maps image or make a sketch. Particularly helpful information is:

  • Position of existing power sources
  • Position of existing Internet connections
  • Numbering of your courts (for easier communication)

2) The adequate court choice 

Even though the practice court or center court may seem like the best choice for the Wingfield court at first, it's worth taking a step back here. To get your first Wingfield court installed as quickly as possible, it's a good idea to first look at which courts would be easiest to install it.

Ideally, you should install Wingfield on a court that is close to your Internet connection and a power source. Answer the following questions after you have selected suitable courts based on the sketch:

  1. Are the lighting conditions on the courts okay? (No complaints about blinding sun or too much shade)
  2. Is the net post straight and removable?
  3. Is there a mounting option for the Baseline Camera?


If you can answer all the questions with "yes", then you can use the court without hesitation. If you are unsure, you are welcome to contact our support directly - we have found a solution for all courts so far!


3) Preparing the court

When preparing the court, think about where both the Wingfield Box and the Baseline Camera will be placed later, so that you can coordinate the cabling accordingly. The PoE switch can be positioned anywhere on the court, as long as the length of the network cable does not exceed 50m. Theoretically, longer cables are also possible, but in these cases it is better to consult a technician or our support to ensure smooth installation.


πŸ’‘Hint: Our PoE switch can also be installed inside the Wingfield Box, which means only one power connection is needed on the court.


You can also mark the position of the Wingfield Court components directly on your sketch. Share the sketch with us if you are unsure about the positioning. We will be happy to take a look at it.


After that you can plan the cabling for your court. You will need the following connections:

230V ➑️ PoE-Switch

230V ➑️ Wingfield Box


Internet ↔️ PoE-Switch

PoE-Switch ↔️ Wingfield Box
PoE-Switch ↔️ Baseline Camera


Depending on your aesthetic requirements, there are various ways to lay the cables on the court. For the most efficient installation, we recommend running the cables above ground along the court and only running the cables from the edge of the court to the net post underground (does not apply to courts with durable surfaces such as hard courts and all-weather surfaces).

Wingfield Intro – Club board pitch (Auszug).001

For direct cabling from the edge of the court to the Wingfield Box, we recommend laying it underground to avoid possible tripping hazards on the field. When preparing the court, it is best to lay an empty pipe with a diameter of M32 or two empty pipes with M25 each directly under the ground to the net post. Larger diameters are of course also possible and make it somewhat easier to pull in the cables.   

Below you will find a sketch of the base plate of our Wingfield Box to determine the exact position of the cables behind the net post so that they can be inserted as easily as possible.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-28 um 11.59

Once everything is prepared, you are ready to install your court. For installation, please refer to our guides or the installation section of our help center.

You're on the court and don't know what to do? We are here for you!

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