Hey! It's Wingfield

Before your first session on a Wingfield court, it might be helpful to know what Wingfield actually is and how it works. 😜 Find out here!πŸ’š


The Wingfield Court:

The Wingfield Court is the gateway to the Wingfield world. With its simple design, it turns any court into a digital playing field.



Wingfield Box

Wingfield Box

The Wingfield Box is the heart of the court. This is where you log in and select your playing mode. Its two integrated high-speed cameras record all activities on the court during the match. Based on innovative image processing technology and artificial intelligence, this data is evaluated and sent to your user account. 


IP Kamera

Baseline Camera

Some courts have an additional camera perspective besides the Wingfield Box. The Baseline Camera is placed behind the baseline, but is not crucial for tracking. 



All your sessions on the Wingfield Court are synchronised with your user account. This way, you can access exciting statistics and cool video clips directly after your session on your smartphone or tablet. Set yourself goals in different categories and track them training by training. This way, you always have an overview on your activities of the last few weeks. 

☝🏼By the way: Keep in mind that statistics can only be tracked for one player per side at a time.

Playing modes

Our playing modes offer exciting insights into your game for various applications on the court.

  • 🎾 Freeplay mode: The data provided by this mode only refers to your shots (speed, net clearance, placement, etc.). Use Freeplay to track your shots or analyse your technique on video. As long as you follow the general rules for good tracking, you can play freely.
  • πŸ†Match mode: In addition to the general shot statistics, you also receive match-specific reports (serve and return rates, number of aces and winners, etc.). Your match score is also counted by the Wingfield Box, to ensure that all statistics are tracked accordingly. To guarantee a good tracking in the match, keep these things in mind.
  • 🎯Drill mode: Play drills on given targets. After each drill, a score is displayed on the Wingfield Box, indicating how well you achieved the exercise goal.
  • πŸŽ₯Video mode: No statistics are tracked - this mode is all about the video of your practice session. It is primarily designed for game constellations with more than two players on the court (e.g. two players per side).
  • πŸ“ˆLK mode: In Germany, the Wingfield Box can be used to play official LK matches. Our artificial intelligence analyses whether matches were played according to given rules and forwards results to the DTB automatically (fees apply for the check and result transmissions).