Hey! This is the Wingfield Box

Here you find everything you need to know before your first session with the Wingfield Box!

The Wingfield Box is a camera-based tracking system that records all activities during training or a match and provides you with helpful insights and video recordings via app.

Don't waste time on the court

Instead of setting up your smartphone before each session, you can simply log in to the Wingfield Box with your user account. The system synchronizes all video recordings and stats with your account, where you can access them directly after the session using your tablet or smartphone. To do this, first download the Wingfield app from the App Store or Google Play Store.


All playing modes at a glance

Once you are logged into the Wingfield Box you can choose one of our playing modes. Each playing mode has a different area of application.

☝🏼 By the way: This is just a first overview of all existing playing modes. Click on the links to learn more in detail.

  • 🎾 Freeplay mode: The data provided by this mode only refers to your shots (speed, net clearance, placement, etc.). Use Freeplay to track your shots or analyze your technique on video. As long as you follow the general rules for good tracking, you can play freely.
  • πŸ†Match mode: Use Matches if you want to play for points. In addition to the general shot statistics, you will also receive match-specific analyses (serve and return rates, number of aces and winners, etc.).
  • 🎯Drill mode: In drills, you can play different exercises with pre-defined targets. The Wingfield Box shows you a short and easy-to-understand evaluation of your drill after each round.
  • πŸŽ₯Video mode: No statistics are tracked - this mode is all about the video of your practice session. It is primarily designed for game constellations with more than two players on the court (e.g. two players per side).
  • πŸ“ˆLK mode: In Germany, the Wingfield Box can be used to play official LK matches. Our artificial intelligence analyses whether matches were played according to given rules and forwards results to the DTB automatically (fees apply for the check and result transmissions).

⚠️ Attention: To ensure that the Wingfield Box provides you with the most accurate tracking results possible, keep these things in mind.