Playing LK matches with the Wingfield Box

In Germany, you can use the Wingfield Box to play official LK matches. This is how the LK mode and our LK validation work.

The LK mode (or the match mode for official matches) is activated on Wingfield Boxes located in Germany. All submitted matches run through our validation procedure, ensuring fair and rule-compliant matches so that they can be rated for your performance class. 

Requirements for playing an LK match with the Wingfield Box:

β˜‘οΈ The Wingfield accounts of both players are connected to the DTB and thus activated for the LK function

β˜‘οΈ You need the official match balls of your regional federation

☝🏼By the way: You can find out who is generally allowed to play LK matches with Wingfield in the Help Centre article on the DTB rules for LK matches

This is how official matches work:

  1. Activate your competition profile: To access the LK mode on the Wingfield Boxes, your Wingfield accounts must be connected to your mybigpoint profile and a payment method must be added. You can find out more in the article on account activation.

  2. Log in to the Wingfield Court: Log in as usual with your QR codes at the Wingfield Box and start the LK mode.

  3. Play your match: Follow the official rules for LK-Matches.

  4. Match validation: Confirm your result at the Wingfield Box and submit it for official validation. After the match has run through our review process, it is automatically transmitted to the DTB ranking system.


How does the "normal" match differ from the "official" match?

Basically, the only difference is the scoring of the match for your national rating. Just like in the normal match mode, you can access all match statistics and videos after the match.

⚠️ Attention: The tracking of match statistics is independent of the match validation. Consider that you will only be shown match statistics if we have been able to reconstruct the result.

To ensure the best possible tracking, always follow the general and match-specific rules of conduct on the Wingfield court.

Just compare:

  Normal match mode Official match mode

Match stats

As long as your result could be reconstructed

β˜‘οΈ β˜‘οΈ
Highlight video β˜‘οΈ β˜‘οΈ

Full match video

Wingfield Pro feature

β˜‘οΈ β˜‘οΈ

Match validation

Independent of the tracking of match statistics

❌ β˜‘οΈ



The more players have activated their account for the LK function, the easier it is for you to find potential opponents for a match. Share it with your friends! πŸ’š