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What you should think about before your LK matches

Four things to keep in mind before your LK matches with Wingfield.

1) Activated accounts

You will only be able to access the LK mode at the Wingfield Box once both of you have unlocked your accounts for LK matches. Also note that you can only start the mode if your match pairing is valid (e.g. men and women are not allowed to play against each other). 

☝🏼By the way: A match can also be invalid if either one of you has reached his/her maximum number of playable Wingfield matches or you have already played against each other too many times. You can read the exact restrictions in the article about the general rules and limitations.

2) Booking and playing time

To avoid having to cancel your LK matches unnecessarily, please always plan enough time (two hours or more) when booking a court. In the summer, don't start the matches too late, so that the nightfall doesn't spoil your plans. 

☝🏼By the way: What happens if you had to interrupt a match, you can read in our article about interruption of LK matches.

3) Official LK regulations

Also in LK matches with Wingfield, best out of three sets with the third set as match tiebreak will be played. Furthermore the official rules of the DTB are valid and therefore the DTB competition rules, the LK regulations as well as the implementation regulations of the LK are applicable.

☝🏼By the way: The official ball depends on the current regulations of the respective state association. Abroad the official ball of the DTB will be used.

⚠️ Attention: Even if you have agreed with each to play outa full third set, in LK matches with Wingfield the third set must be decided in a match tie-break.

4) Good tracking results.

Keep in mind that match validation is not related to tracking match statistics. In the LK mode, the Wingfield Box matches your entered result with the data collected during the match.


If the result could be reconstructed, the already known match summary (with match statistics and highlight videos) is available afterwards. If no matching tracking result could be found, you will receive the reduced statistics as you know it from the Freeplay mode.

πŸ’‘Hint: To have the best possible tracking results, be sure to follow the general rules of conduct and the match-specific rules of conduct.