Why don't I see any match statistics after the match?

It can occur that the Wingfield Box could not reconstruct the result you entered after your match. Here you can find out what the reasons might have been.

The Wingfield Box automatically tracks your score in match mode. As soon as it has been able to reconstruct the result at the end of the match, the appropriate Match statistics (such as serve ratios, number of winners or errors) can be accessed in the Wingfield App. The match dataset differs from that of a Freeplay or Drill by the tab "Stats" in the session summary (see picture).


What happens when the result has been confirmed

After you have finished a match at the Wingfield Box, the most probable result will always be suggested to you for confirmation. You can be sure that the corresponding match statistics are also available for this score!

If this result does not correspond to your actual score, you will be shown four further results in the next step, for which match statistics are also available. Select the correct result!

☝🏼 By the way: After an unclear situation has occurred in the match in which you have played differently than the Wingfield Box may have recognised, the result will be counted in both "directions". In this way, it can be ensured that match statistics can still be provided for both possible courses of the match. 

At 40:30 you called a ball OUT that was actually in the field. According to your counting method, you now go over deuce, but the box would have called the point and thus scored the game. 

The more of these unclear situations occur during the match, the more result paths will be followed by the Wingfield Box. So do not be surprised if the suggested results do not match your score in a first place.

And even if none of the suggested results matches and you had to enter the score manually in the next step, it is quite possible that the Wingfield Box was able to reconstruct this result in the background.

Now, as already described, it can happen for various reasons that the Wingfield Box could not reconstruct a match result at all. In this case, only the Freeplay summary, i.e. all data of the stroke analysis (placement, height, speed) without the statistics tab, is displayed. Unfortunately, you will not be able to access the match statistics and the match-specific functions of the video player in this case. πŸ˜•

☝🏼 By the way: Since the tracking of the shots and the counting of the score are not related to each other, you can still always see the Freeplay summary including video.


Possible reasons for tracking problems

What might have been the reason that the score could no longer be tracked during the match? It is not always easy to find out the actual reason. Often it is a combination of several factors, as individual cases are usually caught by the Wingfield Box!

Nevertheless, it cannot hurt to know possible reasons that can lead to problems. 

  • The human or ball detection of the Wingfield Box did not work properly due to poor visibility.
  • The match-specific and general rules for good tracking have not been followed during the match.
  • The Wingfield Court was not well calibrated.
  • One or more situations occurred during the match that were previously unknown to our Artificial Intelligence.
  • The wrong result was entered at the Wingfield box.
  • You have miscounted yourselves.

1) Bad visual conditions

Consider the Wingfield Box's cameras as the human eye. Bear in mind that a too dark environment can lead to whole sections of the match not being detected. After all, we players do not recognise everything in the dark either...πŸ˜‰

In this article, we explain what might obstruct the view of the box and how you can counteract it. 

☝🏼By the way: The same applies to obstructed views of the court. Make sure that nothing or no one stands between the box and the court during the match.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Avoid matches at dawn and dusk, for example.


2) Not following the tracking rules

In order to ensure the best possible tracking, we have drawn up general and match-specific rules you should at least keep in mind for your matches. 


Example: You passed the balls over your head to your opponent between the points. The Wingfield Box has considered this as a serve and started to count a new point.

3) Wingfield Court was not well calibrated

During installation, the Wingfield Box is calibrated to define the boundaries of the playing field. Although the box is firmly anchored in the ground, its alignment may change slightly in everyday training. Centimetres can make a big difference here and cause the boundaries of the playing field to shift from the box's point of view.


Example: Balls that actually landed inside of the field are considered OUT by the box because its calibration was off by a few centimetres after a collision in practice. 

πŸ’‘Tip: If you notice strange tracking results in the other playing modes, please send your session ID (a screenshot is fine) and a short description of the problem to service@wingfield.io. We will always check the calibration of the court.


4) Unknown game situations

Our scoring is based on an artificial intelligence (AI) that has been trained over the years to recognise certain match situations and draw appropriate conclusions. This AI is constantly learning. However, it is not impossible that a match situation that later led to a point has simply never occurred before. This is another uncertainty factor that can be handled in individual cases, but in combination with other critical events can lead to incorrect results.


Example: The ball has been played behind the box (out of its field of view) into the opponent's field. In this case, the Wingfield Box would have lost track of the ball's trajectory.


5) Wrong result entered

You have (accidentally) typed in a wrong result when entering the result manually. You do not even have to have miscounted during the match. The Wingfield Box now tries to match this result with the reconstructed data records, which can lead to "confusion".

Example: Your counted score was 6:4 - 6:3, but you entered 6:4, 6:2.


6) Miscounted yourself

People make mistakes. Even in heated matches it can happen that people miscount. As already mentioned above, the Wingfield Box usually handles such individual cases. Nevertheless, in the end, as one of several factors, it can "break the camel's back".πŸ₯΄

πŸ’‘Tip: It can never be guaranteed that the reason is not a system error. Therefore, please contact our support directly if you are sure that you have observed the above-mentioned things. By doing so, you will always contribute to improving the system, as we look at every reported case separately.